We believe that responsible investing doesn’t just drive sustainable markets and results in prosperous world for us all but that also it enables enhanced future financial performance.

Doing good without compromising returns

At Strategia we follow a forward-looking approach to responsible investing. We believe that the companies that provide solutions to the world’s problems are well-positioned to have outstanding financial performance in this challenging business environment. We observe a clear shift in consumer behaviour and business trends with a growing number of new generation entrepreneurs who decide to align their values with their business and investing strategies.

Pursuing sustainable future

We strongly feel that embracing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors in the investment analysis will help deliver long-term sustainable financial performance and mitigate business risks.

Strategia’s professionals help entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals to invest responsibly and to make a positive impact around the world. We focus on integrating ESG factors into our strategies in an attempt to promote more sustainable financial markets. We have a selection of investment strategies including tailor-made solutions that can help entrepreneurs and investors achieve their goals.

Our thematic funds dedicated to sustainable development will meet the needs of forward-thinking individuals who wish to contribute to new solutions for social and environmental problems whilst ensuring constant returns.