We build long-term relationships with our clients and their families, aiming to provide an extension of your legacy for generations to come.

Our entrepreneurial approach and multi-faceted business model can help you to consolidate your company matters with your family affairs to achieve consistent growth of your business and personal wealth.

As a privately owned company, we offer an objective view with no potential conflicts of interest. We are committed to maintaining a high degree of information confidentiality for our clients.

We provide a comprehensive list of services across financial planning, wealth management, administrative support and reporting whilst ensuring consistency for a brighter future for your business, your family and yourself.

Your wealth, Your Life, Your family, Your business

Importance of AML and compliance

Compliance and AML issues may impact your business, personal wealth, and succession. We do not solely focus on growing your wealth; we believe that AML and compliance matters should be an integral part of your personal and business strategy to avoid potential negative impacts on all aspects of your life and business. Our rich experience in working for large financial institutions enables us to anticipate future challenges and helps you to address them at the outset.

Our professional network of reliable professionals

Through Strategia you will benefit from our wide network of trusted advisors, partners, and service providers. We can connect you with various external reliable companies to ensure you achieve your goals faster.

Banks & Financial Institutions

Accounting Firms

Corporate Services Providers



Corporate finance & transaction advisory firms

Dedicated point of contact

We will assign you to a dedicated point of contact who will guide you through different stages of collaboration with strategia.

Our onboarding process applies a comprehensive and cross-disciplinary approach to all aspects of our clients’ wealth, business, and personal life:

Strategic review of your wealth, business and personal needs

Way forward


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