Strategia’s systematic and Client Centric approach is focused on bringing to you best in class investment solutions that aim to achieve sustainable growth and long-term resilience of your wealth

Long-term Growth

Client Centric

Portfolio resilience

Client Centric

Flexibility towards client's needs

Client Centric

Wealth protection and diversification

Client Centric

Client's best interest

Client Centric

Grow your wealth and achieve your financial goals with Strategia

We are goal-driven and focus on what matters most to you with our investing approach. We carry out an assessment of your financial situation to create a comprehensive wealth plan and implement practical strategies to suit your needs.

Goal-driven Asset Management

1. Get to know you

2. Assess your needs and select best suited strategy for you

3. Build the investment plan that meets your financial goals

Our services

4. Implement the investment plan

Our tailored approach to wealth and asset management provides you with a choice depending on your goals and challenges. You can choose among our discretionary portfolio management and advisory solutions which are supported by our wealth structuring and consulting services.

We endeavour to always act in your best interests irrespective of your implementation choice. We are committed to operate in a transparent manner and our fee structure is aligned with your financial objectives. It is designed to eliminate conflicts and align our interests.

Strategia adopts an open architectural approach to wealth and asset management. Our asset management offering constitutes in-house investment solutions which are complemented by external investment strategies through our exclusive network of investment specialists with proven track records.

Our Investment Committee drives all key decisions, ranging from the Strategic Asset Allocation right through the choice of external partners.

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