Grow your wealth and achieve your financial goals with strategia
Strategia’s systematic approach to wealth and asset management is focused on what matters the most to you (business needs, retirement, paying for education and more). We will carry out an assessment of your financial situation to create a comprehensive wealth plan and practical strategies that work for you.




Our tailored approach provides you with a choice of interaction modes with strategia: depending on your goals and challenges you can choose among our asset management options and wealth structuring and consulting options. We endeavour to always act in your best interests irrespective of your implementation choice. We are committed to operate in a transparent manner and our fee structure is aligned with your financial objectives. It is designed to eliminate conflicts of interests and puts both of us in the best position to achieve capital growth.

Strategia offers a wide array of asset management products designed to meet your financial objectives and protect you from market volatilities. For asset management services, our pricing model is simple, transparent and is based on the size of your portfolio.

At Strategia we made responsible investment our preferred choice for our clients. Are you interested in responsible investment?

The services of strategia are complementary to that of a bank where the assets of our clients are held in custody as per the client’s choice. Strategia is appointed to act as an investment advisor or a portfolio manager; client’s assets are not held in strategia’s books. We provide you the choice of our first-class network of custodian banks or work with your existing bank(s) for safekeeping of your assets.

Explore our asset management offering

Proprietary asset management model
  • Dynamic and mathematical allocation
  • ETFs selection
  • Multi-asset class exposure
Thematic funds
  • Selection of major sector trends that have taken off and are structurally long-term winners
  • Selection of thematic funds
  • Exposure to World stocks
Structure products
  • Selection of companies with long-term investment potential
  • Outperformance or return structuring with wide protection levels
  • Medium to long term exposure
Customised portfolio
  • Tailor and adapt our strategy in line with your investment objectives and constraints
  • Takeover and management of existing portfolio exposure
Liquidity management
  • For reinvestment on tactical market opportunities
  • To ensure a certain level of liquidity in the overall portfolio

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