The Role of a Wealth Manager in 2022

The Role of a Wealth Manager in 2022

For most advisors, wealth management is a lifelong process, but at Strategia Investment Solutions, we believe that wealth management should be a process intended to last for generations. The role of a wealth manager is both an art and scientific process aiming to provide the most refined techniques, with resulting plans to allow an individual, family or business to attain their strategic financial goals in a personalized, systematic and pragmatic manner.

The Relationship

Strategia Investment Solution’s wealth management professionals start their process by working directly with our individual clients and families. This relationship is intended to build over the years, even decades, so that the wealth manager will best understand their client’s needs and be in the position to guide them in reaching goals while best avoiding pitfalls that can hamper their continued wealth accumulation.

Wealth management goals are not destinations but rather signposts indicating that a client is on the right path. The wealth management process is not simply selling a few financial products but rather creating a vehicle made from several parts that are best suited to take clients down their best path in the most advantageous way.

Long time horizon

Depending on the client, the management of their wealth may have started before they were even born (or for some before their parents’ birth), and the wealth management process is intended to meet several achievements enjoyed during their lifetime and to continue a legacy after their passing.


Mauritius Wealth Management Benefits

Mauritius offers a combination of confidentiality, credible solution offerings, and risk mitigation, making it a desirable location for the wealth management of HNW (high net worth) individuals and families. Much like the more famous Cayman Islands, Isle of Man, and Panama, Mauritius has positioned itself as a reputable International Financial Center, and being a less notable offshore location with a stable economic and political environment, Mauritius is more attractive than the alternatives, enhancing investors’ confidence.

Strategia works with its clients from all over the world to build plans for wealth that not only help match the personal ambitions of this generation but continues for future generations while balancing these desires in a world with ever-growing financial compliance and transparency.

These inimitable desires of our clients require a team with unique specialization. Our expertise lies not only in wealth preservation, income planning, and succession required, but also in governance, organizational ownership, diversified legal structures, cross border investment, compliance, and risk mitigation from economic changes, currency fluctuations, inflation and even asset repatriation or sequestration. Few teams can offer these special attributes.

What a Strategia’s wealth manager does

The typical wealth manager’s role is simple in concept but quite tricky for many to execute successfully. We start our process with an extensive client interview and assessment. Our goal is to help you, so we should know your current economic position, including income and expenses, tax status, insurance coverage, your immediate, medium and long-term goals and limitations, and your current risk tolerance. Some of our clients already know what they want from their wealth manager, and in this case, we listen to how you wish to be contacted, what you see as our role and agree on how we can best help you.

Using your responses to the interview, we will begin analyzing the provided financial information to determine strategies for meeting your financial objectives. From there, our team begins to develop a financial plan that takes into account your needs and constraints, as well as a strategy that addresses cash management, investments, retirement planning, legacy planning, taxation, insurance coverage, and other areas. Every aspect of the plan will be explained as to why a particular strategy or strategies were chosen and what alternatives may have been considered and rejected, answering all of your questions along the way.

Once the initial plan has been agreed on, the implementation process will begin, with our team doing much of the heavy lifting but also referring you to additional external experienced professionals that can assist you with some of the plan’s specialized implementation.
Once the plan is entirely in effect, your wealth manager role is just beginning, nothing is static. Your life changes, markets change, and even the world evolves; therefore, the wealth management process and manager’s role must evolve with it. Our team members will be monitoring your accounts constantly and be in contact with you regularly to provide you with progress reports and income projections. Discussing with you if any plan readjustment is warranted due to life, economic, environmental or financial changes.

Clients may be better served with changes such as an expanded legal structure (corporations, trusts or other legal entities), investment in a new industry, country or portfolio hedging and diversification. Economic situation and tax laws are always changing; new income-producing services may be better suited for the same goals. We will discuss the benefits and implications of any changes with you and provide you with our recommendations to help make your best decision.


Strategia Investment Solutions & Wealth Management Services

Strategia considers our role as your wealth manager a multi-generational relationship. Working together, we guide you to the future you and your family’s next generations you wish to see.

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