Why Strategia?

We focus on the individual requirements of each client. Our approach combines long-term wealth management solutions and lifestyle services and emanates from working closely with high net worth individuals from Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Your needs are unique. As they change, we remain proactively at your service to help you adapt to these changes.


We have an undiluted focus on investing in markets that will preserve and build wealth over time.


Our team has in-depth knowledge of financial markets and relationship management with more than 50 years of combined experience in the wealth management industry.


We can and do invest in all markets, ranging from developed, emerging and frontier. We are open to finding opportunities in all asset classes. We are confident managers who seek to balance portfolios according to the needs of our clients.


Our Mauritius-based team is knowledgeable, rigorous and consistent in their analysis, dealing with investment managers worldwide.

About Us - Strategia Wealth Management Mauritius

Our approach

1. Market screening

We conduct a comprehensive market analysis drawing on a wide range of sources, including fund managers, brokers, intermediaries and other investors. The results are tracked, monitored and updated in a proprietary fund database. This produces a market overview of all the relevant segments and regions. The overview is reviewed on a regular basis and serves as the foundation for the portfolio selection and ranking in the next phase.

2. Pre-construction

Based on the client’s investment objective, we identify fund managers with similar investment philosophies. The investment team discusses every allocation and gives a provisional ranking based on these discussions and assessment. The aim is to identify attractive opportunities at an early stage and to keep refining the portfolio allocation.

3. Intensive due diligence

The pre-construction process is followed by a thorough performance and manager review, which consists of extensive number crunching and several consultations with the fund managers. The investment strategies, track ‘records’ and terms are all analysed in detail, in accordance with a benchmarking of criteria, proprietary to Strategia.

4. Investment decisions

The main results of the due diligence are summarised in an investment proposal. This is subject to a final discussion with the investment team and members of the investment committee.

5. Monitoring and relationship-building

For the duration of the investment, the strategy is monitored and tracked with regular transparent reporting provided to you and the investment committee. The investment process continues well after the investment decision itself.

The leadership team

We offer tailor-made solutions to suit your needs. With regular communication and feedback, we establish a long-term and trusting relationship with each client.
About Us - Strategia Wealth Management Mauritius

Dilshaad Bundhun


After graduating with a BSc in Financial Services from Buckingham University in the UK, Dilshaad joined the banking industry in 1997, with the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB). She gained ample experience in various roles. In 2006, Dilshaad became a Private Banker at the MCB and was instrumental in developing the International Clients’ segment in a lead role in driving the high net worth investors’ relationship team. After 18 successful years at the MCB, Dilshaad left the bank to launch Strategia, capitalising on her experience in dealing with clients and investors from all over the world.

About Us - Strategia Wealth Management Mauritius

Philippe Forget


After completing a BSc in Computational and Statistical Science at Liverpool University in 1974 and an MSc in Management and Operational Research, Philippe joined the Mauritius Commercial Bank in 1985. He completed his tenure at MCB as Deputy Chief Executive of Banking. Philippe currently serves as Executive Chairman at La Sentinelle Ltd, owner-publisher of l’Express, the largest circulation daily in Mauritius. He is also a regular contributor to newspapers, magazines and debates on subjects of economic interest.

About Us - Strategia Wealth Management Mauritius

Michel Derhe


Michel has over 40 years experience in the financial services industry, specifically in the private banking sector. He has worked in various senior positions throughout his career. Posts he has occupied include stockbroker, head of patrimonial services, deputy director, treasurer and director. Michel brings on board his vast knowledge and rigour with experience working for Paris Stock Exchange, Banque SOGIP, Polignac Foundation and the Rothschild Group.